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Our Process

Every business, regardless of size or profit has it’s own unique challenges it faces on a daily basis. Our goal is to provide custom solutions that address those unique challenges, automate away pain points, and free you and your staff up to focus on their jobs and not work arounds for outdated or insufficient software solutions. 

We understand that you have options when choosing a development team to bring your application(s) to life. This is why we take pride in standing out not just through superior code, but through our development process, agility, attention to detail, and the fact that we have 100% client retention since our founding in March 2017. 

We also utilize top tier development frameworks, such as ToolSet, find us on their approved contractor list HERE.

More than a simple requirements collection, we offer a foundation up business analysis to identify pain points at all levels. A thorough review of the analysis with key stake holders provides us the basis to begin outlining the features that will provide the best ROI for your business.

Building on the Needs Analysis, we continue to hone in on two feature sets, those identified as most important by the stake holders, and those our team identifies as the most complicated to implement. We then consult with stake holders to prioritize feature development.

With a focus on simplicity, and the device types the application will be utilized on, we create wire frame mock ups for stake holder review. 

Development begins on both functionality and user interfaces. Updates are provided at regular intervals predetermined at the start of the project. 

Each stake holder or designated tester is provided with a testing script, and login credentials to the staging area. Upon completion any bugs or issues will be rectified and the stake holder contacted for approval.

Deployment can be handled as you see fit, with a soft launch as part of a secondary testing strategy, or a company wide roll out depending on your specific needs. 

Ongoing Projects

"We were having difficulty finding an inventory tracking solution that fit both our needs, and our budget. YLS worked with us to understand our business, and created a custom app that simplified our workflow. We couldn’t be happier with what they came up with, and we have continued to work with Yellow Lion to add more functionality since we initially launched!"

Currently in the final stages of development, the LDPOS (Lapdance Point of Sale) System was designed to replace an antiquated ticketing system that left management tallying totals by hand every night. As you’ll see in the walk through, all it takes is a quick filter and the press of a button to pull back all the metrics needed saving staff and management hours during close down every night.

Additionally, the app has role based access for bartenders and security to create new dances, void dances, and print receipts for the entertainers to track their night as seen below.