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As a small business owner your days are packed full of decisions that will effect how well your business performs. Some of those decisions you will be fully prepared for, in fact you’ve been waiting to make them since the inception of the business. Other’s you may not be so confident in, and if technology decisions fall into the “not so confident” category for you, Yellow Lion is here to help.

No Job Too Small – We don’t discriminate by job size or complexity, if it’s a technology need for your business that you have questions about we want to help. Need an inexpensive monitor set up for a store front display, a Point of Sale system, or recommendations on the most cost effective laptops/workstations for your needs?  Or perhaps your sales team needs a full productivity suite with a CRM solution? Regardless of the business need, we will do the research and present you with the best possible options.

The Right Tools, Now and Later – There are few things that are more important to your business than having the right tools and resources to get the job done. Even if you have the tools you need in place now, are you sure they have the ability to scale with your business? As technologies advance and shift, all too often business owners make knee jerk decisions to attempt to keep up. We can help you build a technology strategy that will work for you now, and grow with your business, helping to eliminate costly migrations of data, and systems down the road.

The Right Partners – Even with more than 15 years experience working with technology across multiple sectors, and for companies ranging from 2 employees, to Fortune and AMLAW 50 firms we are not experts in every aspect of technology spectrum. When we find ourselves outside of our core competencies, we leverage our partners to bring you the subject matter expertise you need. We also regularly assess new products coming to the market, and seek out partnerships with the best in breed solutions we know our clients are looking for. In short, if we can’t provide the solution, we will find the right person who can and bring them to you.

The Right Price – Full time I.T. departments are expensive on all fronts, from salaries to management time most small businesses either can’t afford or simply don’t need to have a full time individual or staff to manage their I.T. infrastructure and projects. YLS will work with you to put together a strategy that fits your needs and your budget, starting with a no cost preliminary evaluation, and flexible pricing there after with hourly and retainer options.


There are a lot of words people use to describe making technology decisions, fun isn’t usually included in that list. So give us a call today for a free evaluation, and let us take the least fun part of your day off your plate, and give you piece of mind that you are setting your business up for success.