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Project Sky Routes

There are currently 13 states that allow either medicinal or recreational marijuana sales, or both with the number expected to grow rapidly over the next several years. As one would expect states have placed tight regulations around every aspect of the industry.

(*certification 12/18/19)

 By Partnering with Metrc, the most successfully-deployed regulatory cannabis system in the world, we can provide our clients with the best tracking and regulatory functionality the market has to offer. Combined with Yellow Lion’s ability to integrate other desperate systems, and highly functional design all the pieces are there to create a truly custom solution that covers all aspects of your business.

Integration Features

Inventory Tracking and Reporting

Keep the state and your records updated in real time on each transaction ensuring all regulatory information is up to date at all times. 

Reconcile Custody

Maintain a complete chain of custody for every product, strain, room, harvest, and even down to the plant to ensure any issues can be vetted immediately.

Data Analysis

Use the data captured to identify trends, find discrepencies, assess risk and plan for upcoming changes to benefit your business. 


Pull together data from disparate sources and aggregate with Routes data to build regulatory and legal reports.